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20 Principles of Breeding Better Dogs By Raymond Oppenheimer Link
36 Year Old Springer Sires Litter By Lynn Winchester Link
Back to the Basics to Improve Breeding Selection By Robert Milner Link
Basic Concepts By John Armstrong Link
Breeding - Dogs or Pedigrees? By Dr. Catherine Marley Link
Breeding the Pointer Link
Breeding World Class Gundogs By Geoffrey A. English Link
Breeding Your Own Female Dog Link
Breeding By Whelping By and Rearing Puppies By Liza Lee Miller Link
Canine Infertility -- A Silent Threat Mycoplasma Infection By R.M. Brown By D.V.M. Link
Canine Pregnancy - What to Expect! By Geoffrey A. English Link
Care of and Feeding the Bitch with Pups - Part I By Martin Coffmann DVM Link
Care of and Feeding the Bitch with Pups - Part II By Martin Coffmann DVM Link
Common Sense Dog Feeding - Reproduction By Purina Link
Considering Breeding Your Labrador or Buying a Labrador Pup? By Dr. Marilyn Fender Link
English Cocker Spaniel Breeder's Forum By Anne Rogers Clark Link
Examining Puppy Mills and Abusive Animal Welfarists: Do We Really Need Another Law? By Loretta Baughan Link
Feeding The Gestating And Lactating Dog By Gail Kuhlman By Ph.D. By P.A.S. Link
Got 50? By Walt Hutchens Link
Kindergarten Pup By Loretta Baughan Link
On Dual Purpose Breeding By Karen Fremuth Link
PAWS: Federalizing Pet Breeding By Loretta Baughan Link
Pedigree Analysis By Genetic Diversity and control of Genetic Disease Link
Pet Underpopulation: The Pet Shortage in the US By Loretta Baughan Link
Pick a Pup: Pick a Breeder By Scott Young Link
Postpartum Care By Geoffrey A. English Link
Progesterone Testing - A Successful Breeder By Brian E. Greenfield By D.V.M. Link
Reflections on Motherhood By Loretta Baughan Link
Spaniel Breeding - Breeding Good Dogs By Edd Roggenkamp Link
Spaniel Breeding - To Breed or Not to Breed By Mark Haglin Link
Thank God For Butterflies: Postscript By Rachel Greaves Link
The Downside of Inbreeding: It's Time For a New Approach. By C.A. Sharp Link
The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis By Genetic Diversity By and Genetic Disease Control By Jerold S. Bell By D.V.M. Link
The Price of Popularity: Popular sires and population genetics. By C.A. Sharp Link
The Unexamined Breeding Program By Karen Fremuth Link
Thoughts on Sorting a Litter By Virginia Lyne Link
What is the significance By if any By of "Blood Lines" in a Llewellin Setter? Link
What To Do When Animal Control Comes Knocking By George J. Eigenhauser Jr Link
Whelping a Litter -- It's time! By Geoffrey A. English Link
Whelping Chart Link
Why Breed for Ability? By Karen Fremuth Link
Will Wisconsin Outlaw Dog Breeding? By Loretta Baughan Link


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