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Water Handling for the Versatile Dog By Jim & Phyllis Dobbs Link
We Remember the Good Parts By Ted Nelson Lundrian Link
Weimaraner Link
Weimaraner Breed Standard Link
Weimaraner: The gray ghost of field and family room Link
What is a figure-8 Lead By Rick Smith Link
What is the significance if any of "Blood Lines" in a Llewellin Setter? Link
What to Feed A Pointer Link
When is a Dog Ready for Brace Work? By Jim & Phyllis Dobbs Link
Whistle Commands By Jim & Phyllis Dobbs Link
Who was Marie Thérèse à Goës and what role did she play in the history of the Llewellin Setter ? Link
Who Was William Humphrey? Link

Whoa' Isn't for the Birds By George Hickox Link
Whose Job is it By the Breeder's Yours or the Trainer's? By Jim & Phyllis Link

Why Have a Brittany Link
Wildest Dreams By Loretta Baughan Link
Winston: The Life Of A Gun Dog By Ben O Williams Link
Wirehaired Pointing GriffonWirehaired Pointing Griffon Link
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Breed Standard Link
Wirehaired Vizsla Breed Standard Link
Working Dogs Near Horses By Jim & Phyllis Dobbs Link
Working Pointers and Setters By David Hudson Link
Wrenegade Kennels: A Return To Their Roots By Dennis Guldan Link


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